Building Your Business One Brick at a Time

When you start a business, the first thing that goes into it is your blood, sweat, and tears. Taking an idea, a vision, or a mission and bringing it to fruition is time consuming, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. There is an old business joke that asks how one eats an elephant, with the answer being… one bite at a time. The premise here is that building a business is similar to eating something bigger than oneself… one step at a time.

For those who have owned businesses or have been at your singular endeavor for a while, you can relate to what it takes to build a business. For those of you starting out and wanting to see your fruit, remember that the last thing to grow on your tree is the fruit. Understanding that building a business takes time is the first step. Accepting that, is the second.

Before we get too involved in how high you want your building to be, lets look at three elements that are essential to make your business look good.

  • Foundation. The first thing your business (building) needs is a foundation. This is the most important part of the building. Without a strong foundation, at some point, what you are building will fall apart. It may not crumble, but it will fall. Foundations in business are your ethics, practices, values that you find important, and essential. This is what you will be known for. Your integrity, character and that of your business will be exposed. People may not know your company values however they will know what you do value.
  • Windows. This may seem a little strange, however windows are important. Windows allow for people so see inside your business. This is where a business gives clients, customers, advocates, supporters, and potential clients or customers the opportunity to see you values, practices, and ethics in action. Windows also give you a view of the outside world. This is critical to see what is happening around you. Many people will build their businesses without looking at or caring about what is going on outside.
  • Ventilation System. “Ok, now you got me listening.” Good. Without a decent ventilation system, your building will eventually stink. Whether from you or from the people that you allow in. Also, some people you allow in will try to stink up your place. A good ventilation system will help clear the air and keep it clear. Keeping the air clear will help ensure that nothing will hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Of course, building your business takes bricks. Bricks are the walls that bring structure and substance to your business. Put them up one at a time and watch how your business will evolve. Another way to say this is to maintain focus. FOCUS has been referred to as Following One Course Until Success. Building your business is the same. One brick at a time until success. Start with a foundation. As you are putting in those bricks, leave room for those windows, and don’t forget to keep it well ventilated. Your business will grow quicker than you think.


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