3 Ways to Avoid Selling Yourself Out For The Money

Imagine a world where you can build your business and not have to compromise your values, vision, or your vulnerability. That almost sounds like a far-fetched idea when we hear that at some point everyone “sells out” to a certain degree. Maybe you have done it. Many times, it happens to the best people almost subconsciously.

Selling out happens when we feel like we have to ‘make money’ to survive. Once we ‘arrive’ at a sustainable place, selling out seems pointless, however by the time most people arrive at that place they have already sold out past the point of no return. We see this often in politics, music, Hollywood, and especially business. “Rob Peter to pay Paul” is a common phrase.

When we are in a scarcity mindset we don’t often think straight. It is hard to think past the current situation or season and see clearly.

This is why most entrepreneurs will tell you to make you business a side hustle until you can sustain yourself. But what if you can’t? What if you are already an entrepreneur trying to make it?

Here are three areas where selling out for the money can derail one easily.

  1. Your Values
  2. Your Vision
  3. Your Vulnerability

First off, remember that you are more than your circumstances, more than maybe what you think about yourself. More than what other people give you credit for. Too many times, selling out thinking starts from the belief that we are somehow less than. You’re not.

Value Protection

The first place we can sell out from is our values. Values stem from our life foundation. When your foundation is solid, your values become less able to waver. One of the hardest and yet best character traits to have is to be solid. Strength is found in the solid. Knowing your values and standing in them produces strength.

We sell out on our values when we change them because of our circumstances. Avoiding the value sell out is when we decide not to change our values when the storm comes.

Vision Quest

Most of us have been here. Creating a vision. Waking up at three in the morning with an energy of feeling we discovered our purpose. It is exhilarating when this happens. We become motivated and on top of the world.

We sell out on our vision when we look at circumstances and change our vision. This is not about adding multiple streams of income (which helps) or taking a 9-5 job to make ends meet (there is nothing wrong with this either). We sell out vision when we give up out of frustration. We may mask it by saying “I don’t want to…” but the reality is when you have a vision, it is not some random coincidence.

Vulnerability Reframed

The first thing about vulnerability to remember is that it is not about weakness. Vulnerability is how surface you bring the deep stuff to. Vulnerability shows authenticity. It is the essence of being raw. Having the ability to be vulnerable is the ability to be true.

We sell out our vulnerability when we allow others to tell us how to think, feel, and act. There is a difference between feedback / constructive criticism and someone who wants to destroy you from the inside.

Stand firm in your Values – Believe in yourself and know your foundation. Surround yourself with others who have similar foundations and values.

Your vision is your Vision – Believe in your purpose. Surround yourself with others who are in alignment with your vision (other business owners, masterminds, etc…).

Strength is found in Vulnerability – You decide how much deep comes to the surface, not others. Surround yourself with people who will encourage, support, and advocate for and with you.

Take some time right now to ask yourself these questions.

  • What is my foundation
  • What are my values
  • Where did I get them from
  • What is my purpose in life
  • Am I walking that purpose out right now
  • Have I let others influence me more than myself
  • Who do I need in my circle
  • Who do I need to remove from my circles

These will get you headed in the right direction and help prevent you from selling yourself out for mere monetary gain.


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