You Deserve it All…Now How do You Get There?

If you have been around the business world for any amount of time, you have probably heard the name Zig Ziglar. He has come to be known to some as the granddaddy of sales persuasion. Like him or not, one of his best quotes goes something like this:

You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.

It appears you get what you want by helping others get what they want. Seems simple enough. I mean books…. like BOOKS have been written about this. Conferences have been focused on this concept. Peer reviewed articles in psychology magazines have discussed this. Blogs (like this one) have been written to discuss this.

The success of multiple articles demonstrates a few key pieces. First off, the concept must be true, otherwise there would not be enough information written about it. Secondly, there must be a hundred different angles to take with this. Finally, people are still hungry to figure this out.

How Then, is This True?

Sheer volume of information does not necessarily mean that a subject has truth. However, understanding that there are thousands of pieces of written content discussing how to get what you want.

Personally, one of my favorite ‘have everything you want’ books is Think And Grow Rich (we’ll talk about that in another blog). Not surprising that Ziglar also talks about the key to obtaining “everything” is found in the sacrifice of service.

Service is a sacrifice, albeit oftentimes a willing one. Sacrifice means that for a period of time one gives up something of their own for the betterment of something else. In baseball we have the sacrifice fly. This is when a batter hits a long ball to the outfield with a runner on base in hopes that the team can advance a runner causing the batter to be out.

A sacrifice of one person for greater good of the team. A sacrifice costs. In baseball the batter statistics will not truly represent their optimal power. It’s a choice.

This concept is true because it allows for choice.

Which Angle is Right… Or Are They All?

An important ideal to embrace is that everyone in life is unique. Everyone has something to bring to the table and as such, having no short supply of angles is encouraging. Sure, it can feel like a daunting task to determine who, what, where to look, however take heart in this…

The people currently in your circles will have their go to person. You may already have your go to person. This is the beauty of networking and connections. People may come to you to ask these questions or you may be going to others. At some point and with many points each of us are on both sides of this fence.

All angles are correct. The right angle is the one that works for you. Find that angle, follow that path, forge your way, and feel the results.

Why Am I Still Hungry?

Easy. Life is constant motion. Constant change. We adapt or we get left behind (try operating an Apple IIe – go ahead and Google™ that if you need to *wink wink*). The more we embrace change and motion the easier it will be to adapt to those changes.

No longer will we look through the lenses of an “us and them” mentality, but we will operate in current reality. Understanding that no matter where we are on the curve, we all desire the same core ideals.

Hunger comes from two opposite sides, positive and negative.

From a negative outlook. Hunger exists because we are never satisfied. Thus, many people find themselves not getting everything they want because they are focused on themselves, what is in it for them only, not paying much attention (or deliberately avoiding) to the how.

The positive side tells us that we know change is constant. We embrace the newness of things, concepts, people. These people tend to get everything they want because they decipher clearer between needs, wants, and patterns that can lead into that negative outlook.

Stay hungry by building your appetite on needing to be filled up with helping others. Engage with other likeminded people and those people you help will be the ones who will help you.

Who’s in your circle? Most importantly, which circle are you in?




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