What Determines Your Success Lies Within Your Message

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, especially as an entrepreneur, you know that mindset is everything. Some may disagree, however what you believe about yourself, your skills, your abilities, and your desires will tell you everything about the strength of your business.

Well, today I’d like to break down how mindset works when it comes to success and failure. First off, the best (i.e.: most successful) people are the ones who tell the best stories. We all love a good story, and when that story comes with power and value it becomes a message for others.

Your mess becomes your message

This is why so many entrepreneurs are successful. They know how to tell a story. They can take their journey however messy it is and create a story around it that others can relate to. This is where mindset creeps in. There are four groups of people that need to hear your message and the more you deliver your truth to these four, the greater chance of success comes your way.

Defining Success

Before we go much further, I think it is imperative that we define success. Chiefly, success is what you believe success to be. For some, that is having a ton of time with their family not necessarily having a lot of money in the bank. For others, success is running a six-figure business.

Side note… Money is a tool used to obtain certain material things in life. It is a means to whatever end you may have it is not the end itself.

So, I encourage you to take a moment and think about what success means to you. When you have that in mind, understanding how the four groups of people play into success or failure becomes clear.

Time To Tell

There is a time and a season for everything. Now is the time to discover who needs to hear your message. Who you tell is just as important as what you say.

The first person that needs to hear the power of your message is you. Mindset starts with what we tell ourselves. Getting to the place where you can tune out what anyone else says and you can control what you say to yourself is critical. This is the foundation od the power of your message. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.

The second person you need to empower with your message is your team. Now we all have two teams. The first team is our own family. They will be the hardest on you, however it comes from a place of protection (and sometimes fear) that has its roots at your best interest yet doesn’t always get communicated that way. Therefore, having the power of your message be delivered to you first is the first step. The second team you have is your business team. They need to know that you believe in the mission and that you believe in them. The stronger your passion is, the stronger your message will be for them.

The third person (group) that needs to hear the power of your message is your customers/clients. The clearer your message is to them, the more they will relate, and you will have the right customers/clients coming your way.

The fourth person (group) that needs to hear the power of your message are those who will advocate for you. When others who aren’t necessarily clients but want you to succeed will do so willingly when they believe in the fact that you believe in yourself. This is not pride, but confidence.

The Power Comes From Within

Confidence is power. Power is boldness of belief. Belief begins with the story we are telling ourselves. This is where success of failure originates. The more powerful we believe in what we are called to do, the more confident we are at speaking it. The more we speak it, the power grows, which translates into walking with a boldness of purpose.

Of course, there is a fine line between boldness and arrogance, however this is also a part of the story you tell yourself… and others.  The more authentic and honest we are with ourselves, the bolder we become.

What is the story you are telling yourself? If you struggle with confidence, perhaps it is time to look at the story you tell yourself and maybe, just maybe it is time to re-write your story. It’s never too late.


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