The Supreme Climb

Character determines how we interpret anything in our life. No matter personal, professional, or spiritual; how we view our what is how others see our character.


We are talking truly about where our foundations lie. Whatever it is that guides you and me, whatever that element or entity is will be what determines our why and especially our how. That how translates into our outward character and ultimately how other people view us.

That foundation is the faith we have in and through ourselves to carry out the vision that we create and build. I speak a lot on legacy and building that legacy on faith and integrity.

The closer we walk in that foundation (which is our belief system) the closer out authenticity and integrity will be. One fascinating element is that the more be follow our path according to our sincere belief about our foundation, those foundational principles break us from misrepresentations or traditions that do not align that ultimately would cause us to walk a different path than what our heart longs for.


It is about mindset. As we climb our mountain towards success, the principles we hold dear will test us to draw us into a closer and more intimate understanding of what we believe. We become better.

The point can be made that to embark on the supreme climb, we must be prepared and ready. Remaining true to our foundation – that faith – our integrity will deliver the energy we need to power through every barrier and obstacle that meets us.


As we transverse this climb, there will be pitfalls, challenges (both physically and mentally), desires to give up or give in, attacks against the very convictions we hold dear, and traditional beliefs or societal norms.

Other people will try (and most of the time subconsciously) to hold us back. If anything can hinder us from taking the supreme climb and attempt to rid us of our personal and professional convictions, it will stop at nothing to do so.


Oftentimes our self-talk will say “I’m ready for anything, bring it on.” We all know what happens as soon as we say that, it is like the universe is waiting for its chance to hinder and block us from any success we may be striving for.


We pause for a moment for understanding.

Before we can take that supreme climb, we must know how to be ready for it. The process is simple, although not necessarily easy. We must define the following four characteristics (which we all know and do). The key for walking through these is found in the order.






Getting clear on the ‘what’ is the first thing we must do. Once we know our what, it must be followed by a strong why. Why? The why is what drives us when we feel like giving up. Our why is what reminds us of our true value, our true integrity, and those foundational principles that guide what we are doing. When is simply creating a time frame. Finally, this brings us to our how 0 which is typically the characteristic we go to after the what. This is where we fall. We can become so focused on the how that the why will fall away.

Think of it this way. You want to be a guitar player. Your how is to take lessons and learn it. Now you get into an accident and lose you’re an arm…. How are you going to accomplish this? The pain of the process will often destroy. Now what if you want to play guitar because (here’s the why) your child loves to hear music. You lose an arm, your why will direct to you a better (different) path.

The supreme climb…. Know your why, and you will know.


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