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How to Use PR and Content Marketing to Build Your Brand and Get More Clients

The Internet has created incredible channels for businesses and entrepreneurs to speak with potential customers and build a large following. There are now more than 5.16 billion daily Internet users, according to Statista. And that number will continue to grow, creating an opportunity to get more clients and build a large audience in a captive way.

While the opportunity is excellent, so is the level of noise. Many websites, companies, and entrepreneurs are trying to get the attention of those five billion users. Ads pull their attention at every turn, and they're easily distracted.

Standing out becomes essential. How your business does that will involve a lot of different strategies, two of the most critical being PR and content marketing, which generates three times as many leads as paid advertising.

You can get more use out of your content and knowledge than just posting on social media because that's what you've been told is a strategy that works. By following these three strategies, you leverage PR and content marketing to create more brand authority, increase sales, and build a business.

1. Use Storytelling in Your PR pitches, PR and Podcast Interviews, and Content

Too many content pieces and PR-related endeavors from businesses end up being "them" focused, detailing changes in the company, new sales, moves being made, etc. In other words, content your audience doesn't care about and results in lower engagement.

Telling a story connects the audience member to the message and engages them. Storytelling can get you PR in almost every major publication.

We've seen plenty of companies do this well; Apple's Think Different campaign is a compelling example. Instead of pointing out the benefits of their computers, they told a story that made the consumer feel like they were joining a more significant movement.

Start with the premise that no one cares about what you have to offer. Then, plan how you can get them to care by using the power of telling interesting stories. Use storying telling in your PR and content marketing, and it will have a farther reach as it engages and encourages your audience to get involved and share.

2.Use Visuals in Each Piece of Content Marketing

Content can be boring, especially written content. However, the use of visuals in an ever-scrolling digital world grabs attention. The good thing about the time we live in is that visual content can be repurposed in multiple places and ways.

The investment of resources into creating visual content will be returned to your business in the growth of your audience and increased sales. Visual content also works well in PR pitches because many large publications are multi-media focused.

3. Create Content for Your Target Customer and a Strategic PR Approach

When entrepreneurs create content, they think about a large group of people online who will consume it. The problem is that this group consumes the content as individuals. Great content feels conversational and connection-focused, as if the person were sitting right next to you and you were speaking directly to them.

A conversational approach makes consumers feel like you're addressing a problem they have that no one knows about. You have to create content for one person: your ideal target customer.

All human beings are different, so when you try to reach everyone, you reach no one. That nuance speaks to how PR and content marketing shouldn't just be another thing on your to-do list.

PR and content marketing should be an integral part of your strategic marketing plan, allowing you to leverage your audience organically. Use PR and content marketing to create more brand awareness, and increased sales will follow.


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