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Employees Must Make Your Company’s Mission Their Own

Each person on your staff has a critical role in making sure your company delivers on its promises and meets customer expectations.

Improvements in organization and leadership help ensure that employees are engaged, and assure that internal communications are productive, that the contributions of each member are valued, and that profitability grows.

We start with your staff, then examine every part of your business strategy.  Ultimately, we work to see that you have the tools needed to experience phenomenal growth—and fulfill your vision.

"The world's most successful businesses deliver the most value." — R.L. Adams,

What We Offer

For growth to be sustainable, it must be based on sound strategy. We can help you develop a long-term strategy for achieving and sustaining business growth and development.

Understanding of Effective Organizatiom
Sound Business Systems
Business Strategies
Growth Assessment and Planning
Executive & Staff Coaching

We're Here to Help You Make Growth a Reality

Every business is unique—that is the place from which we begin.  With the understanding that one size solutions do not fit all situations, we work together to choose the strategy that will be effective and sustainable for your business. Our services are tailored to meet your needs and budget, no matter the size of your business.  With a customized, hands-on approach, we bring to bear decades of experience with an aim to help your business profit.

Past Consulting Clients


Oregon State Parks

Trainer & Consultant on the following topics: Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Communication, & Goal Setting


Ford Family Foundation (through Rural Development (RDI))

  • Served as part of team of trainers to facilitate a comprehensive and in-depth community leadership program for community and government leaders.
  • Worked closely with 40 leaders chosen to participate for an intense year-long training program.
  • Also served as the training team’s Public Relations and Communications Director.
  • Delivered ongoing segments of the curriculum through each cohort’s year-long program.
  • Assisted in the redesign of the curriculum at a week -long Annual retreat.
  • Co-Facilitated all group activities, projects and learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Co-Facilitated all debriefings, evaluations and processes of learning throughout cohort’s program.
  • Facilitated group’s economic community team project from implementation to completion.

Aspen Institute

Taught 8 week, 16 week and 22 week intensive hybrid programs for Corporate Managers, online 3 days per week and face-to-face 1 full day per month using the Unified Meeting 5 software system.

Travel Nationwide to train and mentor new instructors.

• Communication    • Leadership    • Process Development    • Customer Service    • Relationship Management    • Team Building


Hot Lake Springs

Increased the department’s revenue monthly through leadership, marketing, and project management skills, bringing approximately 100- 600 new clients to the complex per week.  Currently 1 of 5 team leaders for the entire staff of 60 employees.

Responsible for all Marketing and Communications of the entire complex. This includes both internal and external modalities and platforms from creative design to implementation. Print media, copy writing, social network marketing, radio (ads and live remotes), live presentations on and off the complex and writing articles for magazines, website, and brochures- all Public Relations.


Court Services Institute

  • Served as the only CSI court mandated instructor in Eastern Oregon, whereby facilitating Training’s on a weekly basis as requested by the local court system.
  • Financially managed all accounts receivable.
  • Verified and signed all official court documents associated with client’s mandate.
  • Taught all basic and advanced classes in traffic safety, anger management, alcohol & drug and petty theft.
  • Taught anger management, anger management II, petty theft, alcohol and drug abuse I & II, defensive driving.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Appointed by the Baker Counted Commissioners to serve on a 7-person board that was fiscally responsible for administering and reviewing all grant applications of the BCCC. Served as the Marketing & Public Relations Director for the BCCC by developing the annual Marketing plan for educating the public on various ways to get involved in Arts and Cultural activities in Baker County as well as the State of Oregon. Radio, print media, website and public presentations were most used as avenues to communicate the BCCC mission.

Baker City Police Department

Baker City Police Department

Hired to Create the C.O.P program from the ground up. This unique volunteer program assists the Police Department with Office Administration, Elder Checks, Welfare Checks, Ordinance Compliance Checks, Foot Patrol, and Speed Monitoring. Create and manage logistics for the entire team during call outs and emergency response calls. All Public Relations and Marketing for the C.O.P program is our responsibility. We interview all applicants and make recommendations to the Chief of Police. Write grants to secure all program funding and approve all expenditures. Coordinate all professional development training's and facilitate weekly team meetings for increased communication and daily operations.