"Loved my coaching experience with Lori! I was challenged far beyond what I would have done on my own. She helped me see things from a different perspective that changed my motivation and mindset to move forward in my goals. If you want someone to challenge you out of your comfort zone and get results, get Lori to coach you!"

— Julius Kim, Coaching Client, New Jersey

"My Coaching experience with Lori McNeil was amazing!!!! She truly listens, shows genuine compassion and exudes passion, empowerment and confidence. She was super focused with keeping me on track and accountable throughout the LOF Challenge! She truly went above and beyond! Thank you Coach Lori!! You're incredibly gifted and your passion to witness people's transformation is undeniable. I'm grateful for our experience together and I'd do it all over again with you!"

— Lisa Rimas, Coaching Client, Florida

"Lori has helped me in so many ways. Through her guidance I was able to overcome many personal challenges that were preventing me from discovering my true potential. She taught me how I could put faith before fear, and confidently seek out the life that I want to live. I now have a clear vision for what I want in life, have let go of the toxic past, and am now embarking on an exciting journey. Lori's coaching calls are personally directed toward my situation, and throught them I learn healthier approaches to live a much more fulfilling life. She sincerely strives to help others achieve successful lives, and it shows in everything she does. Since Lori began coaching me, I have helped to build and grow the Pendleton Whiscky Music Festival, as well as co-found a technology start-up. Thank you, Coach Lori, for helping me to discover my true potential."

— David Anderson, Coaching Client, Pendleton, Oregon

"Working with Lori has been a genuine delight. I have had the pleasure of exchanging coaching and educational presentations with Lori over the past several years, and she has consistently delivered on her services. She has a strong business sense for coaching through various complex organizational structures, and a true heart for compassion. She is also a subject matter expert in multiple fields, which makes her a powerful presenter for both academic and business arenas. I highly recommend Lori for her sensitive style and savvy expertise."

— Dr. Kari Day

"When I started the program life on fire I believed that I knew exactly what I wanted and was simply lacking the motivation to begin. However my amazing coach Lori warned me to keep an open mind and that I just might be surprised. The experience of the program was absolutely amazing. I entered the program believing I hate my current profession and want to change directions however Lori was so right. I just needed to find a new goal within my profession to get excited again. Since the program I have been selected to be one of 30 to participate in the University of Pennsylvania Coding academy. I never imagined that I could get into Ivy League anything but Life on fire and Lori provided me with exactly that... The fire to push forward. Thank you!"

— Anna Sadbeck-Jolly, Coaching Client, PA

"You don't want to miss out on such an outstanding program that will help you grow more than you can imagine!"

— Joanna Harbour