Attack your Bucket List

As far as awareness goes, we have only this one conscious physical life to live. So, why not live it? No one wants to be on their death bed with regrets. Regret is a heavy emotion and it paralyzes people. Regret can create division, distance, and depression.

I have fully seen too many people…just talking business… not obtain their goals or live of their dreams (aka… bucket list) due to having regrets.

What about that bucket list?

I love Jack Canfield. His Chicken Soup for the Soul™ books are heartwarming. Chocked full of stories that turn the soul, like chicken soup when you are ill. He also wrote a book called “The Success Principles.” In that book he covers all aspects of what success looks like and how one can obtain it.

“Borrowing” from him, if you don’t have a bucket list, he offers some valuable insights into creating one. Even if you have a bucket list, perhaps it is time to review it or create a new one.

He says to create three lists.

  • 30 Things to have
  • 30 Things to do/see
  • 30 Things to be

Quite simple. These lists are the start of your ‘bucket list’ in life. Most people have some crazy, almost outlandish things on their bucket list… and that is good.

The purpose of the list is to get your mind thinking about what is important. After the first few items on each list, we begin to get deeper into our souls.

Whether or not you cross off everything on your bucket list, it is all about living a life that is yours, fully engaged into what you want, who you are, and what motivates you.

Attack Your List

Nothing says forward progress more than action. Attacking your list will produces five results. These five results guarantee that when you lie down at night, at the end of the month, the year, and your life, you will have no regrets.

  1. Freedom. Attacking your list means that you are making a free will decision to live. You can choose what to do, when to do it, and how it will look.
  2. Foundation. I talk a lot about creating foundations. Your bucket list is no different. Creating one gives you the foundation to launch from.
  3. Fireball. That right. Taking serious action on your dreams and goals sparks a fire. Once you start attacking your list, you’ll want to do more.
  4. Fighter. It’s momentum that produces energy. Attack that list and watch yourself transform into someone who will get what you want. You will fight for what is right, what is good, and specifically for who you are. No one will be able to say to you, “you can’t….”
  5. Foresight. Once you start doing the things in life you want, you will begin to see that you CAN accomplish what you want. Obstacles become challenges. Negative comments roll off you like never before.

Tell me five things from your bucket list that you want to accomplish this year.


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